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Assumption to the Cloud & Our Lady of the Perl.

Mental preparedness is important. La preparación mental es importante.

Invading migrant forces will decimate blue cities. - STEVE QUAYLE.

Why Gov. Greg Abbott is visiting India. - Por qué el Gobernador Greg Abbott está de visita

en la India.


Laser AGM-65E Maverick on a USN F/A-18C, 2004

Photo by Airman Kristopher Wilson, Released by the U.S. Navy.


Homeless Crisis Explodes with Homeless Cities Forming in the Near Future, Worse than the Great Depression. * Crisis de personas sin hogar explota con ciudades sin hogar formándose en un futuro próximo, peor que la Gran Depresión.



Assumption to the Cloud & Our Lady of the Perl;

A somewhat streamlined, nonchalant girl;

Rising to the occasion with eternal cherubs in tow;

Great happiness, skyward, in cloud formation she did sow. - JL 02-07-2024


Sixty Billion USD for Project Ukraine otherwise Putin walks into Ukraine. * Sesenta mil millones de dólares para el proyecto Ucrania de lo contrario Putin entra en Ucrania.


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