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FREE Admission! No Audition! And Submission.

Thank you for reading: FREE Admission! No Audition! And Submission. * Missiles and armies based in space. Fractal reserves of currency. They bide their time, while in outer space, the Russian Ruble is not rubble, but appreciates over time. But when I speak of our enemy, they are not the Russians, but ourselves.

From its lookout in the sky, just to the right of the North Star, watch for it, out there in Never-Never Land; or could it be space-based land, a technological wonder weapon in its place?

Your dreams will travel the cosmos, like a comet on its path. Ignorant of the larger possibilities, your vision deflated to a modicum. How did they do that? With a machine in space, Low-Earth Orbit?

While star gazing, or while walking the Avenue of the Stars, AKA, Hollywood's Walk of Fame, just ponder the meaning of life, look down during the day at the sidewalk under your feet, so many careers underfoot.

But the big picture and deep space persist, and the wonderous workings of the Universe, her forces affect you as they must. The web of life does not give up her prize! - JL 2-16-24



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