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Are Goldbacks real money? Is 24K gold money? The answer to both question is in the affirmative. Gold has been money for millennia.

Goldbacks were made possible with the application of new technology. They were designed to be easily spendable; exchangeable for good and services, or store-able in a safe. Or 'vaulted.' Premiums are high as a percentage when compared to 1 OZ bars. However, for as little as $3.63, you can invest in gold.

"You've got my attention. Now, what is the most economical way to invest in Goldbacks, now that they are looking like a good investment."

The website is a good place to access free vaulting of your Goldbacks after buying them on their website. Create an account and mail them a check; it's that easy!

"Will Texan Gold Real Estate, LLC be selling Goldbacks once it is fully up and running."

Yes, I will be selling everything from gold and silver as well as wind chimes (which have nothing to do with precious metals.) That's in the future.


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